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Past Traditions

Listed below are the past traditions taken from the 1966 "Show Me" book


During the basketball season each year the "A" team elects a girl to represent them as Basketball Queen.  She is honored at the last game of the year. 


Homecoming is on of Joplin High School's established traditions, in which JHS alumni are honored every year with a football game and dance.  This event takes place in the fall, usually in October.  Candidates for Homecoming Queen are introduced in the Homecoming Parade held on the afternoon before the game. The identity is always a carefully guarded secret until the moment she is announced during half-time at the game.   The president of the student council has the honor of crowning the Homecoming Queen.  After the game the Homecoming dance is held.  All JHS students and alumni are invited.


The student body elects the Joplimo Queen from among several candidates.  All sophomore, junior, and senior home rooms nominate three senior girls.  The names of all these nominees are compiled and given to each home room to be voted upon  The three senior girls with the greatest number of votes are the candidates for Joplimo Queen.  Eligibility for the final vote depends upon the purchase of contract to purchase a Joplimo, according to the following system:

Voting is carried on for one week after the three candidates are introduced in an assembly by their respective managers.  The successful candidate is revealed at the impressive coronation assembly, usually in early February, with the other two candidates honored as attendant to the queen.  The Joplimo staff goes all out to make this coronation the most beautiful and thrilling events of the year. 


The Junior-Senior Prom is a a farewell dance which the juniors give for the seniors.  The Junior-Senior Prom committee (made up of junior class members) is in charge of preparation for the prom and each year works on a number of projects to raise money for decorations, a professional band, refreshments, etc. 


Each spring the ROTC department sponsors the annual Military Ball.  All ROTC cadets and their dates may attend as well as certain other invited guests.

A queen is chosen from among the girls attending by three capable adult judges.


The Rose Assembly, which takes place in the spring at the end of basketball season, is held in honor of the football and basketball players.  The cheerleaders are in charge of this beautiful assembly and spare no effort in making the decorations.  During the assembly, cheerleaders present each player with a rose, which he, in turn, will later give to his favorite girl or his mother.

The Rose Dance is also in honor of the football and basketball players, and is held on the night of the Rose Assembly.  Any student of JHS may attend.  The Student Council make the necessary arrangements.


Just before Christmas each year, the Diamond and Disc Club sponsors the Christmas Dance.  All ROTC cadets and their dates may attend.


Senior Week comes at the end of the school year.  The week gets off to a roaring start with Twirp day.  From then on there are activities every night.  The week culminates with Class Day, when, after the annual Class Day Assembly the seniors are permanently dismissed from Joplin High School's portals of learning. 


During the Christmas season each year the Y-Teens elect the Snowball Queen.  She is then honored at the Snowball Dance, which all Y-Teens and their dates may attend. 


TWIRP Day was established by Mr. Greer in 1954 and has been celebrated every year since.  although there are certain limitation, on this day seniors are allowed to wear Bermuda shorts or "clam diggers" and the weird outfits that turn up are often amusing.  TWIRP Day is the day when Joplimos are distributed.

In case you're curious, TWIRP means "The woman is required to pay"  and on TWIRP Day that's exactly what happens! The girls pay for the boys' lunches, carry their books, and literally do everything for them that social etiquette normally requires boys do for girls.  A dance in honor of the seniors is held that night, to which seniors, juniors, and sophomores are all invited - provided the girls agree to escort the boys, that is!